Want to work quickly and accurately? Our machines can be widely used in machine construction, equipment construction, industrial production and instrument construction. Our offer consists of laser engraving machines, laser marking machines and laser cutting machines. We deliver these machines at home and abroad.

Produced in Europe

Our laser engraving machines are produced in Europe. This production is in-house, so you are assured of the highest quality. Thanks to the high quality, our machines are very popular with parties in the advertising industry, model building, engraving companies, industrial design agencies, gift shops, production companies and prototyping companies.

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Laser engraving machines

For engraving and cutting of wood, plastic, leather, glas and stone

CO2 laser cutting machines

Fiber laser cutting machines 

For cutting of steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel. Can also be used to cut organic material like plastic and wood

Laser marking machines

Marking (etching) of metal, stainless steel and plastic


We were looking for a machine that is easy to maintain and operate. Even more important for us was a short line to the manufacturer in the Netherlands and the associated service. We chose Trabiss because the price-quality ratio was right for us.

Robert GevekeOwner Sign my Sign

Laser cutting technology is not only used in the middle management engineering course, but also in the construction worker level 2 and design training courses. Trabiss International cutting machines have been chosen for all three courses.

We now have 3 Trabiss laser machines in use:

  • TI-1390S, laser cutting machine for metal
  • TI-9060, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials
  • TI-6040, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials

The choice for Trabiss was initially made because of the good price / quality ratio of the machines. In addition, the machines are easy to operate and they look good. Support from Trabiss is also a plus. Good thinking and quality is delivered.

J. HessTeacher mechanical engineering ROC Horizon College

We have installed laser machines from Trabiss International at various schools. After an extensive selection period, we chose this company because of the good contacts, quick responses, correct advice, user-friendliness and the quality of the machines. Due to the high requirements and inspection of our security officers, an official CE was required and the machine had to be delivered in accordance with the safety requirements. The company Trabiss International has delivered this in a very competent and compliant manner with the set standards.

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium)

Our company was looking for a replacement for the current laser machine. Quality, durability, speed and accuracy were the starting points for the new machine for us. At Trabiss International we found the perfect machine.

Covan Systems

We were looking for a machine for quickly and accurately cutting new and new packages and small batches to be developed. After having had contact with Trabiss International, we were able to attend a demonstration and this, together with the displayed machine and visible quality, convinced us immediately.

We still use the machine frequently and we enjoy working with this machine.

Producer packing industry