TI-FML-50 fiber laser marking system

TI-FML-50 is a 50 Watt fiber laser marking system.

The TI-FML-50 fiber marking laser is mainly used for marking , engraving and cutting of metals ( direct) . The advantages of the TI-FML-50 fiber laser are, the durability , very little maintenance , and the lower power consumption with respect to the YAG laser.

The TI-FML-50 fiber laser is fast and accurate and is therefore very suitable for production work and marking / engraving of small pieces of metal or plastic . Fiber lasers cannot engrave glass. Due to the wavelength of 1.064 micrometers, the laser will go through the glass. Fiber lasers can, through heat control, color plastics and metals which you can use to make color engravings (MOPA Fiber laser).

Long lifespan

Fiber lasers have an average lifespan of 50000-100.000 hours . Fiber lasers are widely used for medical industry, data sheets, advertising companies, gift shops, engraving companies etc.

50W fiber laser marking machine

50w can be seen as the updated version of 30w.

For choosing 50w, it is mainly for engraving and cutting.

Compared to 30w it will take almost half the time to engrave or cut the same materials.

Of course it can cut 0.3 mm thicker silver and 0.5 mm gold than 30w.

Work area

We supply various kinds of lenses for the TI-FML fiber marking laser machines (see menu Tools and accessoires).

– 110 x 110 mm
– 150 x 150 mm
– 175 x 175 mm
– 200 x 200 mm
– 250 x 250 mm *

* A larger marking area result in less accuracy. It is advisable to keep in mind when using a galvanometric scanning head to use the marking area as small as possible.

Our TI-FML-50 fiber marking laser machines are supplied complete including:

– Fiber laser 50 Watt
– Professional controller system
Computer (fanless) with SSD harddrive, low energy consumption system. monitor, keyboard and mouse
– Marking software
– Imported servo motors and drives from Japan
– Red dot pointer ( red laser dot to indicate zero )
– Autofocus
– Galvanometric scanning head
– Focus lens
Safe enclosure with led light, special laser safety glass, user friendly design and connection for an air extraction unit
– Training to make you familiar with your machine
– 2 year warranty


20W fiber laser marking machine

With us, it is the minimum laser power, also with the lowest price.

It is mainly for marking on surface, such as steel, brass anodized aluminium and stainless steel. The capacity limit for engraving.

It cannot engrave too deep and the engraving time will be very long. In the meantime, the engraving result is also less good.

For instance:

It can engrave at most 0.5 mm deep on steel in about 30 minutes to an hour.

30W fiber laser marking machine

30W has more peak power than 20W. In addition to the same marking, 30w can also engrave better.

For cutting, the marking machine can cut gold and silver. 30w also has better performance for this.

It can cut a maximum of 0.7 mm silver and 1 mm gold.

Based on that, regardless of the performance, but also based on the costs, 30w is also the most popular type.

50W fiber laser marking machine

50w can be seen as the updated version of 30w.

For choosing 50w, it is mainly for engraving and cutting.

Compared to 30w it will take almost half the time to engrave or cut the same materials.

Of course it can cut 0.3 mm thicker silver and 0.5 mm gold than 30w.

In short:

  • if you do not use deep mark or engraving, 20w is the first choice
  • If you mark and engrave often, but time is not a problem, you can consider 30w
  • If you need a higher engraving and cutting efficiency and you have the budget, choose 50w

In fact, 20w and 30w can meet 90-95% of the needs. 50w is then especially for demanding users or companies where time is a determining factor.

Price from € 14.995,- excl. vat

Why Trabiss International:

  • European quality and CE
  • Safe and fully closed enclosure
  • Professional assistance and advise
  • Very accurate laser
  • Including basic software and machine training


We were looking for a machine that is easy to maintain and operate. Even more important for us was a short line to the manufacturer in the Netherlands and the associated service. We chose Trabiss because the price-quality ratio was right for us.

Laser cutting technology is not only used in the middle management engineering course, but also in the construction worker level 2 and design training courses. Trabiss International cutting machines have been chosen for all three courses.

We now have 3 Trabiss laser machines in use:

  • TI-1390S, laser cutting machine for metal
  • TI-9060, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials
  • TI-6040, laser cutting and engraving machine for organic materials

The choice for Trabiss was initially made because of the good price / quality ratio of the machines. In addition, the machines are easy to operate and they look good. Support from Trabiss is also a plus. Good thinking and quality is delivered.

We have installed laser machines from Trabiss International at various schools. After an extensive selection period, we chose this company because of the good contacts, quick responses, correct advice, user-friendliness and the quality of the machines. Due to the high requirements and inspection of our security officers, an official CE was required and the machine had to be delivered in accordance with the safety requirements. The company Trabiss International has delivered this in a very competent and compliant manner with the set standards.

Our company was looking for a replacement for the current laser machine. Quality, durability, speed and accuracy were the starting points for the new machine for us. At Trabiss International we found the perfect machine.

We were looking for a machine for quickly and accurately cutting new and new packages and small batches to be developed. After having had contact with Trabiss International, we were able to attend a demonstration and this, together with the displayed machine and visible quality, convinced us immediately.

We still use the machine frequently and we enjoy working with this machine.