TI-3015P plasma cutting machine

The TI-3015P plasma cutting machine with an effective range of 3000 × 1500 mm, is a plasma cutting machine for cutting metal. With the combination of simplicity with high-quality technology, this is a very suitable machine for small companies, prototyping companies, engineering agencies and metal manufacturing companies. With the special magnet attachment of the head there is an additional protection against a collision and you can also set the torch in 45 degrees for cutting a bevel (only in the longitudinal directions). The plasma cutting machine effortlessly cuts up to 15 mm in steel and stainless steel (Powermax 45).

Very solid machine

The TI-3015P plasma cutting machine is a very solid built machine! We develop the machine with an eye on quality and attention to technical details. That is why we guarantee a very long service life and ease of operation. The machines are still being developed with the latest technologies to this day.

Various options

Various options are possible including:

  • Water container (water under the cutting strips). Provides a longer service life for cutting strips and collection of dirt and parts (metal particles) that would otherwise end up in the air and need to be extracted
  • Various plasma sources. Depending on the wishes and requirements, we will make a proposal for the correct plasma source from Hypertherm
  • Pendant (remote control)
  • Rotary shaft for cutting and profiling pipes
Specifications plasma cutting machine TI-3015P
Plasma source
Standard deliverd with Hypertherm Powermax 45 (optional different models available)
Plasma power45 Amp
Effective work area3000 x 1500 mm
Max. speedDepends on thickness of the material en choice of Hypertherm plasma source
Controller + softwareMach 3 controller system and software. The software is completely adapted and confirgured with extra functionality like alignment of the metal plate, optimised cutting parameters, pendant possibility etc.
MotorsSteppee motors NEMA 34
Cooling system
Air cooled plasma source
Repeatability< 0.05 mm
THC (Torch Height System)
THC system controls the height bewteen torch and workpiece automatically. Is controlled on the fl during the cutting process. Has hole detection and end of plate detection
Extra functionsAlignment of the metal plate (makes a calculation of the alignment and corrects all files accordingly)
TorchStandard machine torch (short torch is optional)
Cutting height
Automatically set by THC
Work table
Cutting slats (optionel with water container)
SafetyMagnetic mount of the torch. Extra safety during a collision
CommunicationAutomatic on and off switch of the plasma source
Computer systemSupplied with machine
Files support
Suitable material to cut
Steel, stainless steel and other materials
Operations temperature
10 – 45⁰C
Humidity5 – 95%
Power usage
Depends on the chosen plasma source and options
Dimensions3500 (b) x 2000 (d) x 1500 (h) mm
Warranty12 months for construction and electronics, 12 months plasma source

Plasma snijmachine TI-3015

Plasma cutting machine (with optional rotary module for tube cutting)

Hypertherm plasma snijmachine

Hypertherm powermax series

Price from: € 18.000,- excl. VAT