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Plasma cutting machines and dealerschip Hypertherm

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Following the very successful laser engraving and cutting machines, Trabiss now also comes with plasma cutting machines.

The plasma cutting machines are actually a logical follow-up step as an addition to the “cutting machine line”. Hypertherm plasma snijmachine

Trabiss focuses in particular on the supply of affordable machines for starters, SMEs, prototyping companies. engineer agencies, technical schools and small to medium-sized production companies and construction companies.  The plasma cutting machine will soon appear on our website. At the moment you can already request quotations

When do you choose a laser cutting machine or a plasma cutting machine?

The question when it is better to choose a laser or a plasma cutting machine is broadly answerable by the following equation:

Differences between the laser and plasma cutting machine




Kerf width (cut)

0,3 – 0,5 mm

2 – 4 mm

Heat input material

Very little

Relatively small

Material thickness (cutting)

In particular thinner material up to 8 – 10 mm

Suitable for thin to thick material up to 40 – 50 mm




Maintenance costs Minimal


Operating costs

Very low

Medium to high

Purchase price





Dealerschip Hypertherm

By adding these plasma cutting machines it is also necessary to provide a very reliable plasma source with high durability, good quality and well-available wear parts. Because Trabiss International service and quality are of paramount importance, a reliable plasma source that can meet the said requirements is also a hard requirement. For this reason we have also chosen the best brand in this area: Hypertherm. We are therefore proud to report that we have already become an official partner vna Hypertherm and you as a customer can offer all parts, wear parts, new plasma sources or repairs.  Have you asked if you have received a quote for the cutting machine or Hypertherm parts? Please  contact  us.

Hypertherm powermax series