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Fiber laser cutting machines, produced in the Netherlands by Trabiss Machines BV: Leading Technology in Metal Cutting

Within the metalworking industry, we have seen a revolutionary change with the introduction of fiber laser technology. Trabiss Machines BV, based in the Netherlands, is known for producing high-quality fiber laser cutting machines. The fiber laser cutter from Trabiss is a powerful machine designed to cut metal with extreme precision. Through the use of advanced fiber optic technology, our laser cutting machine offers higher efficiency and speed compared to traditional cutting methods.

The demand for our fiber laser cutting machines is growing steadily, as companies strive to provide precise and efficient cutting solutions for their production process. Buying a fiber laser from us guarantees a machine that is not only reliable and durable, but can also be adapted to a wide range of metal cutting applications. The metal cutter laser from Trabiss Machines BV promises a high quality of carving, with a focus on precision and smooth edge finishing, which is crucial for many high-tech industries.

Our commitment to innovation and quality has earned our fiber laser cutting machine recognized as an essential tool for metalworking companies. With a strong service and support structure, we ensure that customers can take full advantage of the capabilities of our fiber laser cutting machine. Choosing a Trabiss fiber laser means investing in a future-oriented technology that is both cost-effective and beneficial for productivity.

Foundations of Fiber Laser cutting machines

Fiber lasers, such as those produced by Trabiss Machines BV, are an advanced form of laser sources. We know their high precision and speed in applications such as the fiber laser cutting machine. They work by sending light through a fiber optic doped with rare earth elements; This amplifies the light.

Core Components:

  • Laser source: The heart of the fiber laser, where the laser beam is generated.
  • Fiber cable: The medium that conducts and amplifies the laser beam.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines:

  • Precision: Extremely accurate, resulting in sharp cuts.
  • Quality: Constant quality output regardless of the cutting task.
  • Speed: High cutting speeds, which improves productivity.

Fiber laser cutting machines are highly effective for cutting various metal types, including the deployment of precision metal cutter lasers. When purchasing a fiber laser, you can count on a sustainable investment given their efficiency and long lifespan.


  • Cutting of metal sheets and profiles
  • Engraving and marking of parts
  • Micromachining for fine details and small components

We see that fiber laser technology has a substantial impact on industrial processes, with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Trabiss Machines Fiber Laser Product Offerings

We offer a cutting-edge range of fiber laser cutting machines, manufactured with an emphasis on quality and precision.

  • Fiber laser compact: A compactly designed fiber laser machine.
  • Fiber laser production: The ultimate fiber laser cutting machine for manufacturing companies.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Features

Trabiss Machines BV’s fiber laser cutting machines are designed to  ensure high accuracy and consistency when cutting various metals. These properties are due to the advanced control system and powerful fiber laser source, resulting in sharp cuts and an excellent finish. Our machines are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s small or large projects, our fiber laser cutters offer exceptional versatility and are capable of cutting materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, silver   ,  and gold.

  • Characterize:
    • Advanced operating system
    • Powerful fiber laser source
    • Different size options
    • Suitable for a variety of metals

Areas of Application of Metal Cutters

The fiber laser cutters of Trabiss Machines BV are used in various industrial application areas. Our equipment is ideal for precision cutting in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and in the production of precision parts. In addition, our laser metal cutters are capable  of cutting with accurate contours, making them perfect for both detailed artistic applications and for cutting large-scale industrial components.

  • Applications:
    • Car industry
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Precision Components

Support & Service

Our customers can count on comprehensive support and service, including online help tools, access to our experts,   and quick repairs. We ensure that our fiber laser cutting machines continue to perform with a reliable warranty and practical maintenance services. At Trabiss Machines BV, attention is paid to the lifespan of your fiber laser cutting machine and to the efficiency of your production processes.

  • Service:
    • Online support
    • Dedicated experts
    • Reliable warranty
    • Fast repair service

Workshop Efficiency and Safety

We at Trabiss Machines BV understand the importance of efficiency and safety in the workshop. The use of a fiber laser cutting machine not only optimizes the production process but also guarantees the safety of our staff.

  • Efficiency: Our fiber laser cutters are designed to cut through metal accurately and quickly, resulting in increased productivity. The machines are easy to use and require less maintenance, which means less downtime and reduced turnaround time.
  • Safety: With every fiber laser cutting machine, we ensure a safe working environment by means of protective housing. This prevents direct contact with the laser beam and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Vapor discharge: During the cutting process, vapors and small particles are generated. Our fiber laser cutting machines are equipped with an extraction system that effectively drains them, maintaining a clean workspace.
Factor Description
Efficiency Reduction of the time for the cutting process.
Safety Needs Built-in safety mechanisms and housing.
Environment State-of-the-art filtration systems for emission control.

By investing in a high-quality metal cutter laser, such as the one we offer, you ensure an efficient flow of work and a safe environment for your employees. Our fiber laser cutting machines provide the precision needed for cutting various types of metal, ensuring seamless integration into your production process.

Cost-effective and sustainable solutions

We offer solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable, focusing on long-term savings and minimal maintenance requirements.

5 Year Warranty for all our fiber laser cutting machines!

Through the use of top components, the in-house production and development of the machines and the 100% confidence in our quality, we reward with a 5-year warranty on our fiber laser machines (only in combination with a service contract)! Not only the parts but also the wages are included.

Long service life and low maintenance

Lifespan: Our fiber laser cutting machines are designed for longevity, which means you can save on replacements and updates in the long run. The regular maintenance required is significantly less than traditional cutting solutions.

Maintenance: Low maintenance costs are an essential part of our fiber laser cutters. Our machines require less frequent replacement of consumables and  feature a solid construction that reduces the need for repairs, resulting in less downtime and higher reliability.

Affordability and consumption

Cost: The initial purchase of a fiber laser cutting machine can be considered significant, but its long-term affordability is an important factor. Our machines offer excellent value for money due to their durability and low running costs.

Consumption: Our fiber laser cutting machines are designed to be energy efficient, leading to lower power consumption costs. The precision of our machines also ensures less material waste, making them a cost-effective choice for your cutting needs.

Versatility and future-proofing

As a progressive company in the Netherlands, we focus on the application of advanced technologies in our fiber laser machines.  Trabiss Machines BV’s fiber laser cutting machines  are designed with future-proofing and versatility in mind, with the fiber laser cutter being central to modernizing industrial manufacturing methods.

Our machines are equipped with state-of-the-art fiber laser technology, which offers a high degree of precision and efficiency when cutting various metals. This assures us of a place at the forefront of the metal cutter laser sector. The focus is on offering solutions that are valuable not only today, but also tomorrow and beyond.

  • Versatility: Our fiber laser cutting machines are capable of cutting a wide range of materials, which makes our tool with a wide industrial application.
  • Expandable: The modular structure allows for easy upgrades, allowing customers to customize their fiber laser as needed.

Buying  a fiber laser investment is a step forward for our customers. In doing so, we emphasize  the expanding possibilities, whereby the machines can grow with the company.

Attribute Advantages
Cutting-edge technology Precision, speed, and lower operating costs
Modular design Possibility of expansion and adaptation to future requirements
Wide Material Capacity Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications

We are committed to providing our industry customers with durable and forward-thinking equipment that can grow and evolve with their business in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Technical Specifications & Capabilities

When considering a fiber laser purchase, the technical specifications and possibilities are decisive. We look at the precision and speed of cutting, as well as the compatibility and adaptability of the machines for various applications.

Cutting precision and speed

The fiber laser cutting machines of Trabiss Machines BV are known for their high cutting precision and fast cutting ability. The fiber tube laser machine has an effective range that is optimized for accuracy, allowing us to ensure consistent cutting quality . Our machines are equipped with an advanced rotary axis, which facilitates precise and complex cutting operations.

  • Precision: up to ±0.05 mm
  • Speed: up to 70 m/min

Compatibility and Adaptability

Our fiber laser cutting machines are designed with compatibility and adaptability in mind. We support various materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and more. The user interface is user-friendly, making it easy to adjust settings to suit the size and thickness of the materials.

  • Tube Size: up to 300 mm diameter
  • Power: options from 1 kW to 20 kW
  • Materials: compatible with a wide range of metals

With our extensive range of fiber laser cutting machines, we offer a flexible solution for both small and large production environments, always with a focus on efficiency and precision.

Are you looking for precision, efficiency and reliability? Than please contact us.


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